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Hue travel guide

Hue city with romantic landscape and typical image of girls in their purple long dress is always a popular destination during summer time

Situated in the Centre of Vietnam, Hue used to be the former capital of the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. Thus, Hue has been one of Vietnam's main cultural, religious and educational centres. With diversified and beautiful landscapes, Hue possesses a unique and harmoniously beauty. Today, its main attractions are the royal tombs, notable pagodas and the remains of the Citadel ( the world cultural heritage site)

If you are still wondering what should you prepare for a trip to Hue then you should find in the below parts with useful tips for a perfect trip to Hue

There are many means of traveling that you can take to reach Hue , which is suitable for all budget. Traveling by plane is the most expensive and shortest of all. Flights to and from Hue would be at Phu Bai airport which is quite near the city center.

For more saving option, you can travel by train ( around 13 hours ) or by open bus ( Hoang Long, Open bus of sing café etc…).

The weather in Hue is quite nice , however, during summer time ( rainy season ), it is advisable for you to carry rain coat and umbrella. The best time to visit Hue is from March to August, particularly in March and April when it is normally dry and the temperatures are cooler although light rain is still likely. Rainy season started from September to January.

Being a tourist hub so there are plenty of hotel and guesthouse choice for tourists . It is a bit more expensive to stay at hotels in the center. If you are looking for a cheaper option then you should stay at hotels a bit further or hotels near the Hue Train station. The city is small so it does not make too much different even you are not staying in the center

What to do :
Being the capital of the last feaudal dynasties in Vietnam, Imperial citadel is the place that you should not miss. In order to visit all sites in the citadel, it would take you all day long
Highlights of Hue City are the ancient Citadel, nearby royal tombs of King Tu Duc, King Minh Mang, King Khai Dinh, King Gia Long etc….. All can be seen in one or two full days.

The tour with guide is recommended so that you can understand about these historical sites.

Hue is also famous with ancient and beautiful pagoda such as Dieu De pagoda, Tu Hieu pagoda and Thien Mu pagoda

Not only having beautiful and unique historial sites, Hue also the home of many stunning beaches namely as Lang Co beach or Thuan An beach with crystal clear water and long white sandy beach which attract millions of tourists to come and enjoy during hot summer days.

The Perfume River runs between the city of Hue and the remains of the Citadel, dragon boat trips as well as dinner cruises on the river are an enchanting way to see the city.
If you have more time, you should also spend for the trip on wild and romantic Tam Giang lagoon. Chance to enjoy and admire peaceful life of Vietnamese fisherman when they cast their nets on the lagoon .

Hue specialty:
Hue is famous among food lovers with many stasty and delicious local dishes such as Banh Beo (water fern cake) , Hue style beef noodle, Banh khoai (delicious pancake) , Hue sweet soups, rice with mussel, Hue clear shrimp and pork dumplings, etc…. Hue food is delicate and sophisticated in their processing way as well as serving way. Hue food has an extremely spicy flavor as such, so gastronomes remember it just after one time enjoying.

Visitors can find good local foods at some popular address such as Hung Vuong street ( sweet soups), Vi Da street ( corn sweet soup), Han Thuyen street ( vegetarian food), etc…

If you are interested in discovering Hue city through traditional products, it is strongly recommended for you to visit Dong Ba market – the largest market in Hue. There, you can shop for local goods, try many dishes that are specialties of this city namely as Me Xung , Mam tom chua (sour shrimp sauce) , Cau candy etc… , while getting snapshots of daily activities typical for locals.
A tip for shopper, you should try to practice your price negotiating skill in this market . A deal of around 50\\% of the stating price is considered a good deal


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